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Most discoveries happen by accident. Columbus was looking for a shortcut to India when he landed on Hispaniola. Viagra was originally supposed to be a blood pressure medication. Play-Doh was intended to clean soot from fireplaces (...)
Houston native Alaina Castillo started singing in church as a child. While in high school, she began posting videos on YouTube and developed her soothing, R&B sound. Since then, she’s been found on Spotify’s (…)
It’s officially wedding season bb’s and We Are: The Guard wants to be a part of your happiest day in like ever by giving you the most epic must play music at your wedding playlist featuring The Best R&B Wedding Songs. For this assignment (…)
Alt R&B Star Kehlani Explores The Conflicting Feelings Of A Break-Up On "Toxic." Break-ups are never easy. Or straightforward. Disentangling your life from someone is a rollercoaster of emotions, causing a (...)
Two-time Grammy Award Winner Gregory Porter's feeling the spirit on "Revival"! Time, life, culture are all funny things sometimes. We like to think we're zooming forward in a straight line - that yesterday's sins are retreating in the rearview mirror (...)
Before everything became monetized and recorded, songs were passed down like folktales. Occasionally a new singer would take some creative liberties during a performance and another verse would be added to (...)
Bob Dylan once sang about rainy day women. But now as we enter the era of millennial malaise, it’s more like rainy day everything. Michael Kiwanuka’s “Solid Ground,” has the UK indie-soul singer-songwriter crooning (...)
"Face To Face” explores the uncomforting feelings of Rex Orange County during his time away from home. He reveals how his distrust of people was on high alert. Thanks to this experience we know have a glistening (...)
The idea that this life is merely a trial run for the next one, a pre-test of sorts, is at the heart of nearly every religion. The idea that something far greater than we can comprehend is happening just outside (...)