Best of Twitter

Ever wondered if this generation would tweet through the apocalypse when it finally came to it? turns out...YES, YES THEY ABSOLUTELY WOULD. And that goes for our favorite bands, artists, and (...)
Between Super Tuesday and the coronavirus, it's safe to say Twitter has made for hellah heavy reading over the last seven days! If you're searching for something a little lighter to boost your energy levels this dreaded (...)
There was one person and one person only who mattered on Twitter this week and that, of course, was Gigi Hadid. Now, since she's a supermodel and not a musician, I can't *technically* include her tweet in this (...)
How is it we're only eight days into 2020 and already so much has occurred on Twitter? Like, you know, the President of the United States casually tweeting about COMMITTING LITERAL WAR CRIMES. Sometimes I (...)
Remember that thing I said about this being our final 10 Twitter Moments of the decade? Yeah, forget I ever said that... You see, celebrities are just like us. They celebrate Christmas just like us. They eat, drink, and exchange (...)