Best New R&B

Awful Records artist ABRA is gaining some much deserved hype with her sultry hypnotic sound that truly shines on her new track, Bounty. It features a stripped-down ticking beat, soft electronics, and her silky smooth R&B-style vocals that keep you in a hypnotic trance throughout the 5 minute duration.
Big Baby D.R.A.M. is a phenomenal, soaring debut record that keeps getting better with repeat listens. Standout cut WiFi, featuring the legendary Erykah Badu, is the 21st Century slow jam we’ve all been waiting for.
If there’s one thing I can root for, it’s someone stepping from out of the shadow of their brother(s). So I’m all in on Bruno Major, and thankfully his debut, Wouldn't Mean A Thing, is easy to cheer on.
Nao is London-based songstress whose mesmerizingly eerie song, Bad Blood, now has an incredible video. Despite the presence of a beautiful naked woman, this is not a sexy video.
Producer/singer Taku and Future Classic label-mate Wafia have created a new rendition of Estelle's smash hit, American Girl. In their skillful hands this sparkling pop gem becomes an emotive duet ballad.
Last month Koda released New Blood, a chillingly dark number which lulls you into submission before opening up a can of bombast on you for the chorus.
Last week The Weeknd set the internet ablaze by posting, and then soon after removing, his new song, I Can’t Feel My Face. Co-written by Grammy Award-winning producer Max Martin, I Can’t Feel My Face is a pop smash.
This is the first track we’ve heard from Gallant since he signed with Mind of a Genius and subsequently took a lengthy hiatus. Gallant picks up right where he left off on Open Up, with his immaculate voice soaring through an ambient soundscape.