Best New R&B

This is the kind of song you can play on repeat to help get over a thing that's never ever ever going to happen. In that night of self-pity you might as well listen to some tunes that might make you feel better about yourself. Why not start with ABCD (Friend Zone) from PnB Rock. It will help you heal!!
Peter Cottontale’s “Forever Always” features heavy hitters such as Chance the Rapper, Daniel Caeser, Rex Orange County, Madison Ryann Ward and Yebba. If you haven’t heard of him yet, that’s what we’re here for.
Father Issues, from AUGUST 08’s 8 song EP Father, is so deeply, heart-wrenchingly gorgeous that not sharing it would a be a crime against humanity on par with playing Cards Against Humanity with people you don’t like.
Darci is the newest neon light in nocturnal hip-hop. On My Own is the anonymous duo's tenth single, to date. The temperature rises with each subsequent release. Boiling point should soon be reached and we don't doubt we'll hear a lot more about this mysterious unit, probably before year's end.
Up until now The Internet were known mostly for their smooth sexy soul songs with Syd leading the charge, but this is certainly unlike anything we’ve heard from them thus far. With Roll (Burbank Funk), Syd is placed on the sidelines, with Steve Lacy leading vocals, and a funky bassline.
Hailing out of Brooklyn, New York, SAINt JHN's muted trap beats take his one-of-a-kind flow between soulful crooning, mumble rap and a more traditional rhyme flow. I wouldn’t have any clue how to categorize this sound or who else to loop him in with in the game so I won’t even try.
German singer/songwriter Bibi Bourelly's Dreamers is here to set the record straight, telling a whole new generation they can be anything they want to be. Dreamers is an almost unbelievably positive call-to-arms to never give up on your dreams.
Maryland's Gallant offers hope for all those who lament that less-than-savory characters always end up with the girl, for those who're afraid that nice people finish last, with Gentleman.