The term 'jazz' is a bit strange, at this point. It's practically synonymous with bougie, upscale class and polite society, meant for dinner parties and as inoffensive easy listening. It's a far cry from its truly revolutionary roots (...)
Columbus-based indie artist brakence has been making Spotify-curated-playlist waves. On March 26th, he released punk2, a lyric driven album filled with quirky production choices and melodies that evoke sensibilities of Bon Iver (..)
Hi, everybody. How are y'all holding up in these crazy, crazy times? As for me, I've been keeping my mind as active as ever with music, music, and more music. From watching live streams (TIL: Zoom is freaking AWESOME!) to listening to and (...)
While we need to stay inside for the sake of our physical health and the physical health of others, it's also essential we look after our mental health during this period of quarantine. It's not easy being away from friends and family and having our (...)
Here at We Are: The Guard, we love us some of those great love songs. And it’s easy to just think of the classics (“I Will Always Love You,” “Baby Love,” “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” “All You Need Is Love”) (...)
Avant-pop beatsculptor Yves Tumor lights it up on "Kerosene"! Making definitive statements about Yves Tumor, the serpentine sobriquet of Sean Bowie, is an exercise in futility. The queer, African-American (...)
Just when I thought the COVID-19 crisis couldn't get any worse, Gal Gadot went and dropped that “Imagine” cover. Way to kick us while we're down, huh, Gal? Anyways, now we're all stuck inside in our pajamas for the foreseeable future (...)
Some people are just good at making stuff. Conan Gray is one of those people. At age nine, Gray began posting videos on YouTube, eventually racking up millions of views and subscribers. With vlogs, sketches, and (...)
There's no doubt about it, you guys. We're living through some crazy times right now. Every day, it feels like the news keeps getting more and more like something straight out a zombie apocalypse movie. And while it's important to stay (...)
Ever wondered if this generation would tweet through the apocalypse when it finally came to it? turns out...YES, YES THEY ABSOLUTELY WOULD. And that goes for our favorite bands, artists, and (...)