Best New Indie Pop

Columbus-based indie artist brakence has been making Spotify-curated-playlist waves. On March 26th, he released punk2, a lyric driven album filled with quirky production choices and melodies that evoke sensibilities of Bon Iver (..)
This week we’re highlighting music from Doja Cat, The Naked and Famous, Princess Nokia, and more. You basically don’t have to go on to Spotify or the radio at all to discover the hottest music playing (...)
Can you feel the love? I said can you feel the love coming from all of us here at We Are: The Guard?! I sure hope so because this week’s Best Indie Pop songs are entirely dedicated to each one of you our Valentinos ... that’s you guys. Anywho if (...)
My favorite thing to do during the week is curate through an insane amount of pop music. Seriously. My second favoritest thing to do during the week is tell you all about the music I and the team at We Are: The Guard picked and titled (...)
LA's Daughters of Noise! Get a retrodelic, futuristic video for "2023." It is notoriously difficult to envision the future. By definition, it hasn't happened yet. There's no telling what might happen between now and then (...)
It’s the end of January 2020, can ya believe it! Of course you can because you are living it with me. So what does this mean? For most of us we’ve broken all our resolutions and for a lot more of us our hopes have been shattered (...)
New Zealand singer/songwriter/producer Baynk returns with a late-night romantic house on "Down." New Zealand's Baynk has always existed in the contradictions - bright/dark, sharp/dreamy, romantic (...)
Rina Sawayama owns, on her own terms, on "Commes Des Garcons (Like The Boys)." Ladies often have to deal with a bunch of BS to get by in this world. The deck can sometimes be stacked, pre-loaded with preconceived (...)
With that in mind … if you feel like joining me you can find me and my indie pop playlist somewhere in the middle of nowhere California far away from human existence. So while you think about joining me or not (...)
And now, we interrupt your weekday to bring you an indie pop playlist so clutch that you’ll want to come back for seconds. This week’s installment of We Are: The Guards' hand picked curated songs will inspire you to dance, to sing, to follow (...)
So much for New Year’s resolutions. We, by we I mean I, kind of threw them all out the window the minute the clock struck midnight. The way I see it, every day is a new day to start fresh and make new mistakes, new memories, and obviously listen (...)
It’s pretty much the last indie-pop post of 2019 unless if I miraculously am sober enough to function next week. So with that being the case, I figured I might as well make today’s playlist the best of the best and throw in a certain rapper’s leaked (...)
Norwegian singer/songwriter/indie popstar Emma Jensen gives you a reason to cry with "Someone To Break Your Heart". Pop Music tends to be bright, brash, bold, painting in primary colors rather than faded shades or hues. It's (...)