Indie Rock

Think you're pure? Above reproach? Seattle's Low Cut High Tops calls out absolutely everybody on "We're All Sheep"! It's rather easy to feel self-congratulatory in today's world of hashtag activism and empty "woke" posturing (...)
Glam rock hasn’t sounded this fun for at least the past ten or fifteen years. Back when Jet and The Killers were battling it out to see which one would still be around in 2019. Sure, we might say rock is dead every now and then (...)
If the world was made up of only one artist, and that artist was Ginger Root, I don’t think the people would mind. Sure, there would be an adjustment period. Everyone would cry for their favorite artist lost-- Arianna and Tool and Frank Ocean all having (...)
Alt-country singer/songwriter Jake Bugg returns with a sunny new single, "Kiss Like The Sun," just in time for the dark, cold time of year. Summer is already becoming a distant memory. We're several months deep into the new school (...)
Maxime gets autumnal on "Empty," an understated indie banger for dancing beneath changing leaves. Musically, "Empty" is all good times - smooth, jazzy basslines; funky guitars; and psychedelic, disorienting keyboards, which is all the more impressive (...)
Cigarettes After Sex return confessing their true nature in the single “Cry”. We live in a time where being too conservative makes one prudish while on the other hand, being too honest makes you crass and inappropriate leaving those who love (...)
Steel Panther is a rock band from Los Angeles that, well, to simply put it — motherf*cking slaps. They play heavy metal and look like the type of guys my mom used to date when she was in high school. If the ’80s (...)
The thing about Christmas music is it’s unavoidable. Which brings us to Dog Orchestra’s cover of the Christmastime classic “Carol of the Bells,” a welcome reminder that Christmas music doesn’t have to suck.