Indie Acoustic

On "In A Bind," Lætitia Tamko shows that subtlety isn't dead, with a stunning, romantic acoustic guitar ballad. Pop music is relatively unavoidable in 2019. A few months shy of 20 years into the new millennium, maybe we're so inured to The (...)
RY X hasn’t done much to switch up his style that put him on our radar over five years ago, and that's perfectly fine by us. His sophomore effort Unfurl is due out next year. Last month saw the release of Untold and Beyond and today the best song of the bunch has arrived.
“I know my life is a sad song,” is one of those things I’ve often thought but never quite had the courage or conviction to say aloud. Yipsi native Daniel Wilson on the other hand is willing to go on the record. The Flight is an unsubtle emotive ballad that cuts deeper with each listen.
At its best music has a way of breaking down barriers, bridging cultural gaps and leading us to the realization that we are all one and in this blessed mess together. So with that in mind, we can all agree that Bounce is 100% a song you can get down to.
I know you have listened to Bless Your Heart countless of times, but you haven’t heard the stripped acoustic version. This is DENM singing to you personally, it’s the unplugged version that MTV will never air, but lucky you, you have full access to this beauty!
LA-based artist Koda sensed my sorrow and re-released one of his older songs this past week. Leviathan is a beautiful gloom-and-doom track that makes a haunted melody sound mesmerizing, and soothes a deep underlying heartache I didn’t realize I had.
Here at We Are The Guard, I am celebrating the beginning of festival season. But if the heat has made you wish for Autumn to come sooner, the light, stripped-down version of Used To It by the songstress named Ashe is surely the ticket to more comfortable weather.
Earlier this month we brought you our main man DENM’s new cut, Under Pressure, and today we’ve got an acoustic version of the song that highlights its dexterity. The pulsing electronics and bass-driven beat are replaced by shimmering guitars. This change in scenery recasts the lyrics and shines a light on the raw nerves being struck.
Save your snark and ‘these folks are old’ jokes for another time, because This Bitter Land, a collaboration between Nas and Erykah Badu, is pure fire. From the star-studded soundtrack of The Land, for which Ms. Badu stars and Nas is the executive producer, This Bitter Land is a string-driven ballad.