Best New R&B

Always Never have three massive new tunes on their hands (but by massive I mean slow and patient brooding) and I have a feeling they’re about to be your new favorite Canadian R&B superstars.
This über sensual minimal chill out beat from dvsn has got me in the mood for some slow kinda lovin’. Put this on your playlist and get ready to drop it when the moment’s white hot. Fast-forward nine months and you’ll be the proud parent to a dvsn induced baby.
It's the end of summer. The black top is so hot that when you look out on the horizon you can actually see the three-digit temperature rising into the air. That very moment is the same vibe we feel when we listen to Blaise's new song, 21 Questions.
London producer/singer/songwriter Tom Misch reminds us there’s more to the South than the United States, with the smoothly rolling South Of The River, his ode to coming up in London’s southside.
From the Windy City, the rapper known as Towkio is channeling his family roots with his tongue-in-cheek single, Drift. Is it all style and no substance? We Are The Guard unpacks all of this ridiculousness, right now.
RKCB"S single "Vice" is the kind of track that gets played and remixed and played and remixed all the way through the end of 2017 and maybe even if we’re lucky well beyond that into the far future where we can’t even imagine what music sounds like.
On Bello's new song he proves that all that hard work at the elite BRIT School has paid off. His first official single called "Mine," is a stripped ballad that is blowing up
Soulful is the best word to describe Jacob Banks. The Nigerian-born, UK-raised artist makes a stunning comeback with his new EP, The Boy Who Cried Freedom. One of our favorite tracks on the release is Mercy.
THEY. make their own rules on their debut album, Nu Religion: Hyena. Instead of trying to stay within the lines of a genre, the Los Angeles-based duo use the 14-track compilation to experiment with a mix of hip-hop, rock, and R & B.
There is intense emotion behind J. Cole’s music, almost that of torment. The singer-songwriter’s development of gripping word play behind his latest single, High For Hours, gives much for the listener to reflect on.