Genre bender, smrtdeath, is back with another emo rap, alternative, pop-punk jam. Smrtdeath, the project of Winnipeg native Mike Skwark, gained popularity on Soundcloud in 2017. After his tracks “everything” and “i don’t feel anything” (...)
Royksopp continue to unearth buried treasure in their Lost Tapes series with "Andromeda." 7 years is an eternity in Pop Culture, where it seems impossible to keep track of what happened 7 days ago, in a rapidly accelerating culture (...)
Jessie Reyez’ new single, “Ankles,” is misleadingly chill. That would be our headline if we were the kind of website that operated under that outdated paradigm, but we don’t, so instead we will use it as our first sentence (...)
LA pop songwriting duo Coach & Ref deliver a bright, bold, impossibly fun music video for their most recent single, "iNFiNiTY"! We Are: The Guard are in love with Coach & Ref. The songwriting duo of Bleu and Ryan (...)
As the olds get pushed out of Coachella’s target demographic they complain about there only being a handful of names that they even know of. “But Rage Against The Machine, '' they say as if they’re not (...)
From BTS selling out arenas and stadiums worldwide, to NCT 127’s electric performance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 2019 was a huge year for K-pop boy groups. If you haven’t been paying (...)
Happy March, everyone! We’ve got so much good new music out, tours, and the year is now in full swing. We know you haven’t been able to check your Instagram as frequently because of it — just ten times a day? That’s a new low for you (...)
Coronavirus is scaring the sh*t out of everyone right now, and it'd appear not even our little music community is safe. SXSW is officially canceled, and rumors are swirling Coachella is up next. Basically, it's looking like we're going to be (...)
Kiasmos sounds like the Spanish collective verb plural for the official car of the NBA, but that is not actually what the band’s name means. Instead, it’s a purposeful misspelling of chiasmus, a term of Latin and Greek origins that means (...)
Happy March, everyone! Spring is coming, and I don't know about you guys, but I couldn't be more excited for the brighter, beautiful days ahead! Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love winter, but I'm definitely craving a dose of sunshine this Friday (...)
Baum gets intimate with an acoustic version of her gender-nonconforming single "F*ckboy." Los Angeles' BAUM has been smashing stereotypes her entire career. She's been an outspoken activist for body positivity. She's been a loud-and- (...)
Between Super Tuesday and the coronavirus, it's safe to say Twitter has made for hellah heavy reading over the last seven days! If you're searching for something a little lighter to boost your energy levels this dreaded (...)