Alt R&B Star Kehlani Explores The Conflicting Feelings Of A Break-Up On "Toxic." Break-ups are never easy. Or straightforward. Disentangling your life from someone is a rollercoaster of emotions, causing a (...)
Since the beginning of rock music, artists have shown appreciation for each other by covering their favorite songs. The tradition still stands today and we wanted to highlight some of our favorite rock covers over the years. While some of (...)
The K-Pop world is a vast and ever growing scene that has reached international crowds. From ITZY’s explosive debut, to BLACKPINK’s electric Coachella set, 2019 was a huge year for K-Pop girl groups. Ready to feel (...)
Now that Coachella is canceled – along with basically every social event ever – I have one Louis Vuitton face mask for sale, if any of y'all hypebeasts happen to be interested??? Okay, but totally *sucks* what's happening (...)
K-pop superstars Itzy continue their global conquest with "24hrs"! Itzy have been turning heads and perking up eardrums from the very start. The K-pop girl group set a new record for most views of a music video with their debut single (...)
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NIcki Minaj walked so Ashnikko could run. When Nicki dropped her first bars on Kanye West’s “Monster” it was game-on for brat rap hip-hop culture to blossom and flourish into a juggernaut of inestimable proportions (...)
The world is gripped in coronavirus-induced panic at the moment. While some may argue the hysteria is uncalled for (hi Elon), there's no doubt tensions are running high right now. I'd be lying if I said my anxiety wasn't triggered by the whole situation (...)
Even though Valentine’s day has passed, it’s always the right time to get your romantic playlists together, and these hip hop love songs should definitely be on there. From classics like 2Pac and LL Cool J, to new favorites by Noname and Aminé (...)
According to the National Sleep Foundation, listening to 45 minutes of calming music can help improve sleep. The trick, however, is to find music that is drastically different from what you listen to during the day. You (...)