Indie Electronic

What is considered to be dance music today can get a bit redundant, so we always welcome a new an fresh take on the synth-happy genre. Grey's debut EP, Chameleon, is fearless with kicks and jolts that immediately reverse the tone you want to predict will happen next.
Scandinavian are known for their willingness to have a good time, but we're not just talking about Kygo and Aurora anymore. Meet Pom Poko: the four-piece band that isn't interested in following music trends.
Seoul-born, NY-based DJ/producer Yaeji’s coming from the bottom, but now she’s here with a sweet, melodic, hypnotic remix of Drake’s Passionfruit, from More Life.
We Are The Guard is happy to turn the focus to some of our local artists here in sunny Los Angeles. Enemy is the newest release from LA local Oliver Tree and Windy City-native Whethan.
Well look what we’ve got here! A daaaaaamnnnn fine funky electro bassline pops underneath this brand spanking new neo-electronic soul single from the hottest new duo this side of the Atlantic Ocean.
If you're a fan of Idle Hands and Shaun of the Dead then you'll want to press play on the music video for Ghosted's Get Some featuring Kamille. It starts out like an obvious teen story before quickly swiftly turning gory and supernatural.
Pop just sounds good, no matter who you are or where you come from or what your mood. Pheobe Ryan's music exemplifies pop music in that no one can deny how catchy her music has been. Now, Ryan is back with a new single called Be Real and it's about as shimmery as a spinning disco ball.
Summer romances aside, there is a bountiful amount of break-up tunes that have landed at my feet. If you are ready to patch up those wounds from failed love before the turn of the season, I present you a pop-friendly, easy-listening song by SIBA named Clean Break.
Doja Cat's sultry soulful crooning and chance-esque flow are on high display with Up, Doja Cat’s newest mellow pop-trap lullaby.
Tucked within the fine print of numerous music festival posters in the last couple months is the moniker of a particularly enchanting UK artist. SHELLS’ pop songs often sound quiet and contained at their start, but the sound blossoms on its own. Take Jailbird, for instance, an organic and intricate tune that sounds like a fitting end-of-summer anthem.