Indie Electronic

SOPHIE, is back with the hot new single, MSMSMSM. It still has the same looniness and kinetic energy we’ve come to expect from a SOPHIE track, but this one is a little more toned down and eerie.
MONAKR is a Chicago deep pop band consisting of members of Hey Champ and Gemini Club, along with vocalist Matthew Santos. They have an expansive, dare I say epic sound, and a lot of flair for dramatic, catchy melodies. I’m reminded of Peter Gabriel and Sting, updated for 2015.
Head of the PC Music label, A.G. Cook, has teamed up with producer Danny L. Harle to form Dux Content, whose latest single, Snow Globe, feels like it’s angling for the Frozen 2 soundtrack.
New artist Trace is Los Angeles’ best kept secret, a sultry songwriter whose talent and appeal seem destined for big things. A perfect mixture of R&B, futurepop, and about a dozen other genres jammed into a single song, Heavy Shoulder is a triumphant track that is rightly earning Trace a ship load of buzz.
A while ago singer-songwriter Brandyn Burnette was featured as one of our promising new artists, and now we here at The Guard are honored to premier his latest single, Stand Down.
Well you’ve come to the right place. Today’s The Guard premier comes straight from Denmark. Indie electro artist SHERPA brings an attractive new original single entitled Broken.
Holly Fletcher, the barely-legal British singer who goes by Lapsley, has a new video for Brownlow, one of the best songs off her recent EP.