Electronic Chill

Gordo’s Sad Hot Girls is a lo-fi post-wave indie bliss-out tune unlike anything we at We Are the Guard have heard in far too many years. Sad Hot Girls has that chill-stoned-on-the-beach sound but also twinges of psychedelic distortion, plus a modernized pop sensibility.
The chill future vibes from Paratone and the otherworldly vocal chops from Norweigan singer/songwriter Katrine Stenbekk make for two artists worth their weight in internet gold. They're about to POP like a champagne cork on a surprise birthday party on New Year's Eve.
Los Angeles-based electronic artist Jennifer Lee, better known by her stage pseudonym TOKiMONSTA, has spent the better part of the decade establishing herself as the top musical act in a thriving genre, and with her newest single featuring the sweet vocals of Yuna, Don’t Call Me is set to continue that trend.
MOWE, the German word for seagull, embodies the adventurous spirit of their musical sound and lyrics. Take a listen to their mellow track, Skyline. This might be the groundbreaking new formula for the next generation of relaxing, beach jams.
We Are the Guard first discovered newcomer Squired's music on the Etiquette Noir playlist. Even though Squired creates house music, there is something inky and mysterious to the artist's brief collection of works.
Tokyo producer LLLL’s Cruel is a refreshing pitcher of mint lemonade while Rome burns. Quietly leaked to the producer’s SoundCloud - like Israeli secrets to Russian spies - Cruel is wide-eyed, wide-angle blurred-around-the-edges J-pop chillwave.
Electronic artist Kaivon pulls all the stops on Alive and creates a massive tune, equipped with a vibrant soundscape that literally sounds like it came from James Cameron’s Avatar.
We Are The Guard love a good collaboration and Kygo has proved he knows how to do them well. First Time is drowning in gentle nostalgia. It’s all very pleasant—a great guiltless pleasure—and it’s absolutely perfect for the radio.
Visceral in disposition, the newest EP from Los Angeles-based musician vōx called I / You combines her powerful vocals with a massively, experimental soundtrack. Listening to it almost feels like a religious experience.