Sweden's Yung Lean exposes the surrealism of growing up in public with trill beats and a surreal music video on "Boylife In EU"! Swedish rapper/singer/songwriter Yung Lean has been in the public eye since hitting it with "Ginseng Trip 2002." (...)
Frequent readers of our Best of Indie Pop lists will already be familiar with the work of New York-based duo Loote. But for you newcomers, it’s time to start getting excited about the music of Emma Lov Block and Jackson Foote. Their latest single (...)
Seoul, South Korea-by-way-of-Maryland's Rei Ami gets dark, demented on "Runaway"! Rei Ami's music has always been about dualities. Her production name is a nod to two different Sailor Moon characters, Sailor Mars (Rei) (...)
The world is slowly dying, but at least we have Lady Gaga to save us from our earthly demise. I've already booked my one-way ticket to Chromatica, and I'm not sure about you guys, but I can't wait to join the Kindness Punks and spend the rest (...)
This week we’re highlighting music from Doja Cat, The Naked and Famous, Princess Nokia, and more. You basically don’t have to go on to Spotify or the radio at all to discover the hottest music playing (...)
From the democratic race to the seemingly unstoppable spread of coronavirus, there's been a whole lot of crazy news stories out there of late. And while it can be difficult to pull ourselves away from rolling television coverage or stop ourselves from (...)
There was one person and one person only who mattered on Twitter this week and that, of course, was Gigi Hadid. Now, since she's a supermodel and not a musician, I can't *technically* include her tweet in this (...)
Having recently invaded our lives in a wonderful way with the single “2023,” indie-pop project Daughters of Noise! Returns to devour our hearts and make us yearn for warmer days ahead with their single “Sunshine.”
Toronto producers Zeds Dead take us into the depths with some deep Bass Music, with a little help from Rezz, on "Into The Abyss". The bottom of the ocean must be an otherworldly place. On one hand, it's cold, dark (...)
I won't lie – I've spent more time than I care to mention binge-watching Friends over the last couple of days. There were points where I thought I'd get literally nothing else done, but I'm pleased to say I've finally managed to peel myself off my couch to (...)
We will start with the facts: “Creep” by Radiohead is one of the best love songs ever written. This blog post is (primarily) about that song. Specifically, it’s about a cover of that song. No, not that one. This is about phem’s haunting alt. goth pop makeover of (...)